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Monday, December 31, 2012

Gabor Szabo - Galatea's Guitar

Not only is Gabor an amazing guitarist and prolific jazz musician, he was an incredible innovator. He started experimenting with eastern sounds and innovating very early on. I got sucked into the Gabor world pool with his Jazz Raga LP. That was the first 'real' Szabo ticket for me. Back in my mod days I'd always try an album with a girl on a scooter, throw a sitar in the mix, then I was really sold.
Turned out to be more that just a cool cover. An LP rich with texture and feeling, stopping throughout the world to pick up varied influences. It began my 'branching out' into other areas, and I've gotta thank Gabor for that. Time to delve right into a nice Chai tea on a rainy day and peep a Fellini movie. And, I think Gabor still represents that for many with his music. His eastern influences and Hungarian descent set his path and direction for virtually all of his magnificent career.
So, here's the real bread winner. Later on, a friend turned me onto this 'Dreams' LP by Gabor. This tune 'Galatea's Guitar' is a major mood setter. Much of Gabor's music is this way. But, in particular this tune just seems to open up, right into an oasis of head nodding trippy jazz funk paradise. The intro is a bit long, the tune doesn't really start until about 1:44. But, like I said the mood is being set and the wait is well worth it. It is perhaps the closest to a 'dream' tune.

 I'm going to include my two favorite tracks from 'Jazz Raga' as well. Both 'Walking On Nails' and 'Raga Doll' are fantastic and an excellent starting point if you've yet to travel to Szabo-town.
Originally from Hungary, Gabor has a long and prolific catalog, but never got the appreciation he felt he deserved. He once publicly complained about never getting credit for a well known George Benson song. His claim was that 'Breezin', a huge success for Benson, was basically 'his' song. Thing is, most of us DO appreciate this man and have the highest regard for him. There was a huge resurgence and flow of popularity for him and the likes of Cal Tjader. Those two men started the Skye record label and those releases are also hugely regarded amongst us 'Rare Groove', 'Acid Jazz' and 'Latin' connoisseurs. Thumbs up Gabor, and Rest In Peace!

Gabor Szabo - Galatea's Guitar
Gabor Szabo - Walking On Nails
Gabor Szabo - Raga Doll

The Poppy Family - There's No Blood In Bone

A few of you may already know that my line of work, or rather that my day gig is 'moving'. The other day I worked my first 27 hour day. Probably highly illegal to work that long, but in this 'biz' 8 to 10 hour days are the 'norm', and 12, 16, and 18 hour days are not unheard of. But, this was truly a first for me. The amount of 'drivetime' alone included 16 hours. So, this particular day was a first.
It was also a first for observing our customers with quite possibly the deepest taste in tunes. It was a first that our customer was listening to The Poppy Family AND on vinyl. This was truly NOT an everyday occurrence. It's rare that anyone is listening to music when we show up. A good sign of course, but listening to music on vinyl is a step further and completely unheard of. When I first stumbled upon this LP it was in shiny mint condition. I knew that if I heard it and it was remotely good it would suffice for picking it up. The picture alone on the cover was worth the fare. A voluptuous blond in a serious hip bad ass bodysuit. A Poncherellie (Erick Estrada) lookalike in a western shirt. An Indian dude in a Turban. And, the world's first mutton chop serial killer. A bunch that looks like something truly good is in store. I thought even if the LP completely sucked, I would still be stick with this awesome cover.

Low and behold, this album turned out to be killer. A merging of pop, heavy psych, folk and country. Seemingly influenced by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, the Combo of Susan and Terry Jacks (pictured from left to right) wrote this amazing material. They later went on to make several solo efforts including the genius soft rock classic 'Seasons In The Sun'. The Poppy Family were incredible. The blending of congas, sitar, lush strings, heavy guitar all in an LP chock full of brain melting goodness. I believe they had one other LP after this. But, only two or three releases under Susan and Terry Jacks after that.'There's No Blood In Bone' is probably the best tune on this LP, but the rest of the album is still awesome too. I believe this song was sampled by someone familiar, though at the moment I can't place it. That would be hard to resist considering the banging relentless drums in this tune. There are many other tasty sounds on this one, and I would highly recommend picking it up. This is a great and obscure psych-pop LP and thanks to our customer I was reminded of it's brilliance.

The Poppy Family - There's No Blood In Bone

Captain Beefheart - Diddy Wah Diddy

So sad to hear of this man passing away. It has truly been a landmark year for the passing of our musical heroes. One right after another from all fields of music. Big bummer, but always an ample opportunity for adjusting the spotlight in their direction.
I first heard this tune on KALX 90.7 FM waaaaay back in the day. There was some kinda special on 60's music. I must have been 16 or 17 years old. It was many years later until I knew who exactly it was that had blasted through the radio. I had never heard anything so heavy and nasty and this blues R&B number had never sounded tougher. I think Bo Diddley would approve of the treatment.

Blazing with some of the baddest harp and fuzz guitar I had ever heard, this track seriously, seriously rips. It rips through your ears like a chainsaw. Captain Beefheart has forever been bad ass in my eyes. All of his huge catalog has been entirely entertaining to discover. From his fuzzed out R&B antics to the hybrid strange rock sound they had later on. My homie Kool Kyle pointed out to me, that if you were searching for where Nerd got their choppy syncopated production sound, it might rest right in a few of Beefheart's tunes. Purely coincidence? Possible. But, the Captain was well know for innovation and adversity.

Their brand of rock and roll infused jazz, soul, punk and garage. They seemingly had no commercial interest. They were even so experimental that any momentum they had acquired by this 'hit' single, dissipated by 1974 and drove the group to break up. They eventually formed again and put out three more albums. But, Beefheart has never been a sell out. Far from it. Or, seemed to have any interest in 'success' other than doing things a bit different. But, that odd touch, that different approach did yield them quite a bit of acclaim. Rolling Stone praised 'Trout Mask Replica' as a masterful piece of work. And, fans like myself are all appreciative of the things that the 'Magic Band' laid down.
The Captian's real name is Don Glen Vliet. He was truly an innovator and pushed the envelope in his music. To that we say Thank YOU. Enjoy this slab of 60's punked out R&B be you caveman or cavewoman.

Captain Beefheart - Diddy Wah Diddy

Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Family Fun Christmas Decorations, Recipes, and Traditions

I had the best intentions to write this far before today but time just got away from me.  Nonetheless, in the following post I'd like to share a few ideas that will bring you some Christmas cheer and ideas to ring in the New Year.  Each is simple and uncomplicated and best of all involves family and friends.  Included are: Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes, Christmas Traditions and Christmas Crafts to do with your children.  I hope you can find ways to make them your own and enjoy!
As a mother, wife, business owner and friend time can be stretched very thin but time is a precious gift that I enjoy receiving as much as giving. This year I was invited to a few holiday events; two which I found especially clever and really enjoyed; an Ornament Exchange and a Cookie Exchange.  Not only can you personalize these ideas to your own taste but you can make them as intimate, grand, casual or elegant as you want and everyone will have a great time.

1. Ornament exchange: I really love this idea. Ask each guest to bring an ornament to exchange among the group. You can choose a theme, for example your moms club is hosting the event so have everyone bring a favorite Disney character ornament. Serve some light appetizers and drinks or have everyone bring their favorite to share.  Before and during the actual exchange the "girls" eat, drink and be merry.  Once the exchange starts the chatter, laughter and shrills of excited gift receivers fills the room. Voila you’ve created a new tradition that is simple, fun and creates a lasting memory as each mom hangs her ornament on the tree year after year.

2. Cookie Exchange and Tea Party: Ask each guest to bring 6 dozen of their favorite homemade cookies to share, copies of their cookie recipes (enough for each guest). Hint: you can also have your guests send their recipe to you before hand to print or e-mail, and a self decorated box to take cookies home in.  Hint: On your invitation encourage your guests to get creative and announce that a gift will be given to the person with the most beautifully decorated box.  Start off with drinks and progress to a light lunch. During lunch announce the winner(s) of the most festive box. Finish the afternoon with everyone filling up their boxes with cookies and recipes. Below are the two recipes that I baked together with my daughter.  I found these on and simply made a few modification that fit my taste.  

Christmas Craft: I have found so many resources over the years for amazing Christmas crafts to do with my children and this year has been no exception. I chose this one though because of the simplicity, minimal cost and supplies and it encourages time together outside. 

Together with your children go out and hunt for pinecones.  I've done this every year with my children for the past 12 years and it is one of the highlights of our Christmas season.

Gilded Pine cones (

1. In a ventilated area, line a surface with plastic and then paper. Secure a rod across an open cardboard box.
2. Insert a screw eye into base of each pinecone. Attach a 10-inch-long wire to each screw eye.
3. Stir gold paint. Wearing gloves, dip pinecones to coat; hang on rod in box. Let dry (at least 1 day).
4. Remove wire; thread with ribbon

Hint: For families with little children instead of using gold paint use glue and glitter for a differently beautiful affect.

Go Elf Yourself. Wait, don't get offended. Go to and create a hilarious video staring you and your family as Christmas Elves dancing and singing to holiday facvorites! Save your production and share with family and friends via e-mail.  This will certainly bring a smile to their jolly ol' faces and you're able to share Christmas with your family and friends around the globe.  Oh yea, and it's FREE!

So, I hope you enjoy some of these ideas and from my family to yours Merry Christmas! We wish you a warm and joyous holiday season and a blessed New Year!

Amadeo - Real Magic

I can't seem to budge from my current obscession with 'cosmic'. So, here's yet another tasty track. Have we asseessed that the majority of these 'cosmic' tunes are completely crazy yet? This is on the french label "Disques Ibach", yet from the looks of him Amadeo could be from Turkey, Tibet, or the Phillipines. I have a strong affinity for records with odd accents. Like, for example one of my favorite bands, The Shocking blue. Or, perhaps the prince of italo boogie Ago, with the lp "For You". All of those have a special edge to the vocals. It's that slight imperfection in the accent that I love. I suppose the accent isn't that strong in the entire song, but Amadeo appears to be, in this song at least, the definitive weirdo.
For me, this track walks the fine line somewhere in between Clockwork Orange and Logan's Run. Perhaps with a little Rollerball thrown in for good measure. Or, a song straight out of "The Apple"

Amadeo - Real Magic

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